Chore Boys Heritage Pork 

Chore Boys Heritage Pork is owned and operated by Jack,  Colten, and Austin Cripe and is located in Northeastern Indiana.  Our farm is a pastured pork operation and is home to Berkshire, Duroc, and Old Spot pigs.
We began our operation when my youngest son, Austin, began asking questions about processed food and where exactly does the food we eat come from.  He has always had a love for animals and having been born and raised on a swine operation myself over 40 years ago we began to research the hog industry.  
After seeing and knowing many large scale commercial hog operations we decided that there was a need in our community for humanely raised heathy pigs.  
We purchased our first Berkshire gilts in early 2013 and set out to begin raising our first litter of pigs in 2014.  Since that time we have begun to expand our breeding herd to include Berkshire, Duroc and Spots, respectively.
Our goal is to raise healthy happy pigs that each have their own unique personality and provide ourselves and others a wholesome direct from our farm to your table experience. 

Chore Boys Heritage Pork's Mission

To raise our sons to understand the value of hard work and integrity while providing a high quality heritage bred product from our farm to your table.

How Our Animals Are Raised

Our animals are raised how they used to be raised before the consolidation of the large scale commercial hog farms came to be...Outdoors on open pasture with access to dirt, mud and fresh air.  They roam freely on our rotational pasture and are provided run in shelters to be protected from Mother Natures' elements.  
We believe that this provides the most optimal lifestyle for our animals by allowing them to well...be pigs.  

Our Family

Jack & Nikki Cripe with oldest son Colten Cripe and youngest son Austin Cripe
  1. Suzie Our Duroc Gilt
    Suzie our Duroc gilt nursing her newborn litter
  2. Berkshire Heritage Pork
    Chore Boys Heritage Pastured Pork enjoying the early fall weather
  3. Recently Born Berkshire Litter
    Austin, our youngest partner here at Chore Boys Heritage Pork, delivering "Gina's" first litter of Berkshire piglets
  4. Summer 2016
    Chore Boys Heritage Pork
Thank you for visiting us at Chore Boys Heritage Pork!
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Contact email: choreboysheritagepork@gmail.com
Contact phone: 574-528-1199